High: 12

Low: 3


Partly Cloudy

High: 11

Low: 3



High: 14

Low: 0

Today: Partly cloudy to start. Rain from late morning as northwesterlies change strong southwest, clearing at night.

Sunrise: 7:32 AM

Sunset: 5:03 PM

Marine recreational Forecasts - hawke-bay

11:13 PM 8 Jul, 2020

Portland Is.
Cape Kidnappers

Area Description:

Inshore waters between Cape Kidnappers and Portland Island.


A low and associated fronts affect the country for the next few days, before moving away to the east Thursday, followed by a ridge of high pressure.


Gale warning for Portland


Gale warning. Wednesday: Northwest 15 knots, becoming northeast 15 knots for a time this morning. Changing southwest 25 knots gusting 35 knots early afternoon, and rising to 35 knots gusting 45 knots for a time this afternoon and evening. Sea becoming very rough for a time this afternoon and evening. Poor visibility in rain developing this afternoon.


Outlook until midnight Saturday: Thursday: Southwest 25 knots, rising to 30 knots for a time in the east in the afternoon. Cloudy periods with a few showers in the east. Friday: Southwest easing to 20 knots early, and to 15 knots late. Remaining showers clearing early and becoming fine. Saturday: Southwest easing to 10 knots early and to variable 5 knots later. Fine.


Swell forecast to midnight Saturday: Southerly half a metre or less, rising to 2.5 metres this evening, then easing to 1.5 metres late Friday, rising back to 2 metres late Saturday.


Marine coastal Forecasts - portland

11:05 PM 8 Jul, 2020

Cape Runaway
Cape Egmont
Cape Turnagain


*GALE WARNING IN FORCE* Northwest 25 knots, rising to 40 knots north of East Cape this morning. Changing southwest 45 knots in the south this afternoon, and southwest 35 knots everywhere this evening. Sea becoming high for a time in the south. Southwest swell rising to 3 metres. Northeast swell 2 metres, easing south of East Cape. Poor visibility in rain developing this morning, with possible thunderstorms north of East Cape.


Outlook following 3 days: Easing Thursday evening 25 knots with rough sea and late Friday 15 knots. Becoming Saturday variable 10 knots. Moderate northeast swell north of East Cape, easing Thursday. Moderate southerly swell, becoming heavy for a time Thursday.